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Allow for more buttons like an email us button #70

tkrones opened this Issue · 2 comments

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One of the biggest complaints I have with apple's app store is that as a developer I can't respond to user's reviews. It would be nice if appirater would give users an option to email the developer if they have complaints or suggestions. I've does something similar in some of my apps with good success. No bad reviews and useful feedback.


I like the spirit of this idea. I don't think Apple will ever allow a feedback mechanism on the iTunes store, so offering a mechanism in the app itself is a good idea.

The devil is in the details though. We already have 3 buttons on the UIAlertView and a 4th button would make the alert too busy and not as easy for the user to parse and respond to. I'm open to suggestions on how to handle the workflow on this though.

Additionally, I'm not working on iOS much anymore, so if I'd need somebody to actually handle the implementation of this as well.


I agree with the OP, this would be a great addition. Perhaps the buttons would be:

  • Leave review
  • Send Feedback
  • Not now

You could hit not now three times and then it would stop asking

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