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I just added a basic localization support, that will only require some small changes in the Appirater header file. The changes are unobtrusive, meaning that everyone who is using the old version of Appirater can easily switch to this one, even if he/she does not make use of localization support for the application.


added localized Version at:

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I am currently using these version of Appirater in a couple of projects.
When the localization is missing , it will behave as the default Appirater plugin. When the localization strings are redefined, you can obtain Appirater in all the different languages you need. Just scan the Appirater.h file and look at the NSLocalizedString() calls to know which strings you can localize.

In this latest version it is possible to even handle localized app names, through the [[NSBundle mainBundle] localizedInfoDictionary] dictionary. If such a localization does not exist, it will read the app's name from the main infoDictionary instead.

This fork has been subforked by almost 60 people, so I think it's worth looking at. Please, let me know what you think.

Thank you


This permits to anonymize the app_id in the default package, instead of leaving a personal app_id inside.

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