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2012-08-11 Aravinda VK <>
* v1.2 Added missing halegannada glyphs due to which fc-scan failed to recognize the language.
Closes: #842960
2011-12-12 Aravinda VK <>
* v1.1 Fixed GSUB issue to display ವು(U0CB5 + U0CC1), ಪು(U0CAA + U0CC1), ಫು(U0CAB + U0CC1)
2011-12-09 Aravinda VK <>
* v1.0 Initial Release, Generated source sfd from ttf using Fontforge
* Added glyph U+25CC. Closes: #429298
* Added U+20B9. Indian Rupee symbol, Hyphen minus
Copyright 2011-2012 Aravinda VK <>
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