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Mount the Master Volume with aux-gfid-mount, For example,

mount -t glusterfs -o aux-gfid-mount localhost:gv1 /mnt/gv1

Run the script with mount path and changelog file path as arguments

python /mnt/gv1 CHANGELOG.1470837234

Example Setup Script

# Create Master Volume and Start
gluster v create gv1 fvm1:/bricks/b1 force
gluster v start gv1

# Create Slave Volume and Start
gluster v create gv2 fvm1:/bricks/b2 force
gluster v start gv2

# Create Geo-rep session, Start it. Stop the session once
# it reaches to Changelog Crawl
gluster system:: execute gsec_create
gluster v geo gv1 fvm1::gv2 create push-pem
gluster v geo gv1 fvm1::gv2 start
sleep 30
gluster v geo gv1 fvm1::gv2 status
gluster v geo gv1 fvm1::gv2 stop

# Mount the Master Volume for Workload creation
mount -t glusterfs -o aux-gfid-mount localhost:gv1 /mnt/gv1

cd /root/gluster_changelog_to_workload/
# Generate list of changelog files for which workload simulation required
ls changelogs/CHANGELOG.* > all_changelogs.txt
tail -500 all_changelogs.txt > last_500_changelogs.txt

# Generate Workload
cat /root/last_500_changelogs.txt | while read LINE; do python /mnt/gv1 "/root/changelogs/$LINE"; sleep 1; done

Once the above steps are complete,

- Set the Checkpoint (gluster v geo gv1 fvm1::gv2 config checkpoint now)
- Touch the mount point (touch /mnt/gv1)
- Start Geo-replication (gluster v geo gv1 fvm1::gv2 start)
- Watch the Geo-rep status for checkpoint status
- Once Checkpoint status says completed, then
  Duration = Checkpoint Completion Time - Checkpoint Start Time
- Stop Geo-replication

Other Helper scripts

To See workload pattern

#!/usr/bin/env bash
echo > /tmp/parsed_changelogs
cat /root/last_500_changelogs.txt | while read LINE; do glustertool changelogparser "/root/changelogs/$LINE" >> /tmp/parsed_changelogs; done
echo "Creates: "$(grep "CREATE" /tmp/parsed_changelogs | wc -l)
echo "Data   : "$(grep " D " /tmp/parsed_changelogs | wc -l)
echo "Unlinks: "$(grep "UNLINK" /tmp/parsed_changelogs | wc -l)
echo "Dirs   : "$(grep "MKDIR" /tmp/parsed_changelogs | wc -l)
echo "Meta   : "$(grep " M " /tmp/parsed_changelogs | wc -l)

To check number of batches in the generated changelogs directory

#!/usr/bin/env python
import os

BRICK_ROOT = "/bricks/b1/"
CHANGELOGS_PATH = BRICK_ROOT + ".glusterfs/changelogs"
batches = []
c = 0
for f in os.listdir(CHANGELOGS_PATH):
    if f.startswith("CHANGELOG."):
        c += os.lstat(os.path.join(CHANGELOGS_PATH, f)).st_size
            c = 0
if c > 0:
print len(batches), batches