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Scripts related to Gluster Geo-replication

Helper scripts to debug/enhance inbuilt Geo-replication feature of Gluster.

1. Schedule Geo-replication

Geo-rep runs continuously once started. It is very difficult to schedule to run once if it is running always. To schedule the steps followed are,

  1. Start Geo-replication
  2. Set Checkpoint
  3. Check the Status and see Checkpoint is Complete.(LOOP)
  4. If checkpoint complete, Stop Geo-replication



For example,

python gv1 fvm1 gv2

2. Gluster Changelog Parser

Why? Converts this

GlusterFS Changelog | version: v1.1 | encoding : 2

to human readable :)

E 0b99ef11-4b79-4cd0-9730-b5a0e8c4a8c0 MKDIR 16877 0 0 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001/dir1
E c5250af6-720e-4bfe-b938-827614304f39 CREATE 33188 0 0 0b99ef11-4b79-4cd0-9730-b5a0e8c4a8c0/hello.txt
D c5250af6-720e-4bfe-b938-827614304f39
D c5250af6-720e-4bfe-b938-827614304f39



For example,

python /bricks/b1/.glusterfs/changelogs/CHANGELOG.1439463377

To use this as library,

import glusterclparser

def parse_record(record):
	print record


Attributes of record,

record.ts		= Timestamp(Changelog file suffix)
record.fop_type = E/D/M (Entry, Data, Meta)
record.gfid		= GFID
record.path		= Parent GFID/BASENAME
record.fop		= FOP Type, CREATE, MKDIR etc
record.path1	= Old Parent GFID/BASENAME in case of RENAME
record.path2	= New Parent GFID/BASENAME in case of RENAME
record.mode		= Mode if FOP is CREATE, MKNOD, MKDIR
record.uid		= UID if FOP is CREATE, MKNOD, MKDIR
record.gid		= GID if FOP is CREATE, MKNOD, MKDIR

3. Helper Tool to find GFID

To get GFID of a file(works both in Gluster Mount and in Backend)

python gfid <PATH>

For example,

python gfid /mnt/gv1/f1
python gfid /bricks/b2/f1

4. Helper Tool to find Xtime

To get xtime of a file or dir,

python xtime <PATH> <MASTER UUID>

For example,

python xtime /mnt/gv1/f1 346d1076-05b6-4a59-9947-1e7d31a66294
python xtime /bricks/b2/f1 346d1076-05b6-4a59-9947-1e7d31a66294

5. Helper Tool to find Stime

To get stime of a file or dir,

python stime <PATH> <MASTER UUID> <SLAVE UUID>

For example,

python stime /mnt/gv1/ 346d1076-05b6-4a59-9947-1e7d31a66294 169b8fbd-e1ec-419d-af63-215eaf69d621
python stime /bricks/b2 346d1076-05b6-4a59-9947-1e7d31a66294 169b8fbd-e1ec-419d-af63-215eaf69d621

6. Helper Tool to get Volume Mark from Master

Mount the Master Volume with Client PID -1, For example,

glusterfs --aux-gfid-mount --acl --volfile-server=localhost --volfile-id=gv1 --client-pid=-1 /mnt/gv1

Run georephelper to get Volmark details,

python volmarkmaster <MOUNT_PATH>

For example,

python volmarkmaster /mnt/gv1

7. Helper Tool to get Volume Mark from Slave

Run georephelper to get Volmark details,

python volmarkslave <MOUNT_PATH>

For example,

python volmarkslave /mnt/gv2