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Library to access to Arawak API from React Native
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ReactJS / ReactNative Library for Arawak Platform

This is a mid-level library that allows easy access to the REST API services offered by the Arawak platform. Take advantage of the potential of React's Fetch API and offer a layer of abstraction on it to facilitate access to any REST API and in particular to Arawak API

Available APIs

  • BookableService: To manage bookables
  • BookingService: To manage bookings
  • LocationService: To manages locations and POIs.
  • ReviewService: To manage reviews over resources
  • MediaService: To manage medias
  • ClaimService: To manage claim over resources
  • RestClient: A first level API to free operations over any REST APIs


The instalation process is quite simple, just copy the folder to your providers folders, and use it.

Code use sample

import { ClaimService } from 'src/ClaimService';

claimService = new ClaimService();
claim.getClaimStatusResourceByUser("string", "string").then ((res)=>{
}).catch (error =>{
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