vim python plugin for synchronising a file with any POST based editor (tested with wiki User: scripts, have to test with wordpress theme/plugin editors)
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#Vim-Post ####Synchronise your files via POST through Vim #####A vim plugin written in python


  • vim compiled with python2
  • BeautifulSoup4 python2 module

#####Working: Add the vim-post.vim file to your plugin directory (~/.vim/plugins) or add this to your ~/.vimrc

source /some/other/dir/vim-post.vim

(Optional) The config file goes in your working directory. If the dir doesn't have any config file, a new one will be created on first run

#####Config file: It contains a json object whose values are used by the plugin to connect

'short'       : short name for the host - no use with this

'url'         : The POST url

'loginurl'    : The login page with the login form

'redir_to'    : The Form action of the login form ------> to be removed in future versions

'ua'          : User Agent - Default is Chromium's User-agent (Optional during entry)

'fields'      : The 'name's of the fields for logging in (The values for these will be taken during runtime via a prompt)

'extraFields' : Hidden fields' names ------> to be removed in future versions

'textField'   : The textarea field's name where the data has to be entered

'cookieLength': The number of cookies in the .cookies file - Not to be edited