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  1. arbadoc arbadoc Public

    Documentation, diagrams and wiki for the Arbalet LED table

    Jupyter Notebook 31 5

  2. arbapps arbapps Public

    Python applications, games and light effects for the Arbalet LED table

    JavaScript 24 14

  3. arbasdk arbasdk Public

    User-space Python SDK for the Arbalet LED table

    Python 5 6

  4. frontage frontage Public

    Interactive pixelated facade (Backend)

    JavaScript 5 7

  5. ArbaletMeki ArbaletMeki Public

    Arbalet Meki

    JavaScript 4 1

  6. ArbaletSaintJean ArbaletSaintJean Public

    3m² pixelated wall, interactive and playable

    C++ 3 1


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