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I don't use Express or ever intend to use Express but having to compile by hand every time is a pain. It would be cool to be able to start a built-in web server (maybe started with something like ./node_modules/mixr/bin/mixr serve) so that you could use mixr in development with non-Express sites or even non-Node sites, and then compile for production.

I'll look into doing this when I get some free time and make a pull request, but who knows when that will be, so I figured I'd mention it here in case anyone else liked the idea.


This is a great idea. Are you using this as a kind of server for building purely static sites?

We could build something that does that, however, I think there are projects out there that do similar already?


Really I was more interested in it for development.

And I tried to add it myself to mixr, but it required a fair bit of changes and I felt obnoxious suggesting you change so much, so I wrote my own version that had just the features I needed: https://github.com/bentomas/lump

So, I'm all set.

I still think it would be a cool addition to mixr, though!

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