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Arbaro Token

Smart Contract which hosts the Arbaro Token Arbaro Token is a fork of the eosio.token with the ability to perform Dividends!

Creating a Dividend

(Only EOS may be distributed to your token holders atm.)

To create a dividend, simply transfer EOS to arbarotokenn with the memo containing the symbol e.g. Memo: SYMBOL:PRECISION Example: ROC:4

Claiming a Dividend

Token holders can claim their dividend at any time using the claim action

claim owner: Token Holder receiving the dividend tokensym: Symbol in format e.g. PRECISION,SYMBOL



Requires eosio-cpp (>=v1.3.2) to be installed from the eosio.cdt package to compile the smart contract. Also needs cmake for compiling the smart contract.

(MacOS: brew install cmake)

Local Blockchain setup

Change the EOS http endpoint in .development.env to --http-server-address= from the docker command (here Then deploy the eosio.token contract and do other initialization steps by running:

npm run init_blockchain # deploys eosio.token
npm run init # creates accounts


This template uses cmake to build the contract. Run the following commands once to setup the process:

cd build
cmake ../contract

Now you can run npm run compile which will run make to create the .wasm and .abi in /build.


Fill out the missing private key in .testnet.env, .production.env.

There's a npm run init script that sets up your contract account and test accounts by creating them and transferring them enough EOS + RAM/NET/CPU.

This should only be run on your local network to create accounts!

To deploy to the network specified in .<environment>.env, run:

NODE_ENV=testnet npm run deploy

Testing the smart contract

You can run the following scripts to automatically create scripts for your actions defined in the ABI file.

npm run create_actions

You can then invoke these scripts to push actions to your deployed smart contract without using cleos:

npm run action -- <actionName>

Inspecting the contract's table can be done by:

npm run table -- <tableName>
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