Swift 3 examples of the prototype process in action.
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Melody Jams Prototypes

These Swift 3 recreations of some of the original prototypes for Melody Jams.

The problem statements we aimed to answer were as follows:


  • PRs are unneccessary and discouraged. Just work.
  • Branches are fine, but commit back into master. Again, just work.
  • One directory per platform (e.g. python, ios, web)
  • Subdirectories should be formatted as such: JK001BriefDescription
    • Begin with your initials.
    • Add a three digit incrementing number, so everyone can see progress.
    • Add a brief description of what the prototype does.
    • Each subdirectory should ideally contain a README.md explaining what the prototype does.
    • Feel free to riff on one other's prototypes.