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My fellow users,

Today I have sad news for you all:

I'm being discontinued.

After some months lost into cyclic refactors of my whole model and architecture, my creator have noticed that I was growing more than expected and some changes was needed in order to transform me into a more inclusive build tool, capable of doing more than compiling just CoffeeScript.

But I'm not over

To accomplish this evolution, I was actually forked into a fresh new project called Polvo. Now I'm able to handle as well as .litcoffee files in order to provide Literate Programming, and I also support Source Maps by default.

I'd be very happy if you can just check me out:


I just want to thank you all who helped my creator to improve me, by sending pull requests, suggesting ideas, requesting features etc.

I hope you all enjoy my new identity and skills. ♥


Final Notes

Coffee-Toaster is now frozen at the current version: 0.6.13

  • You can still install it with npm install -g coffee-toaster and use it normally as you do.
  • There are no plans to delete this repo, or the project from npm registry.
  • Still, no future releases or maintenance will be provided.
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