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Unreal Updater

A C++ updater for UE4 games, built with Qt5, licensed under LGPL. Other game engines might work too.



Unreal Updater is a lightweight updater software, built with Qt5, to deploy your Unreal Engine game simply over anonymous FTP.
It was developped for the free FPS DeepVoid and the space sim Helium Rain, and is now available for everyone to use.

Features :

  • game download, verification, and updating
  • installation of dependencies
  • download through FTP with anonymous or password-protected user

User-side configuration files

There are currently a few configuration files in the Config/ folder, created on startup.

  1. UU_Lock.setting is generated on start and removed on exit to prevent multiple instances. Remove it if the launcher doesn't start.
  2. UU_Accepted.setting is generated when the user accepts to install the game.
  3. UU_Installed.setting is generated when the game's dependencies have been installed.

How to use

The updater use a fresh installation of your game - you need to have a full deployed package of your game. The process will generate a file tree that you can use with this tool.

  1. Rename the Res_Sample/ into Res/ and edit the images to match your project's look.
  2. Edit Res/project.h to set your game name, FTP address, executable path...
  3. Use QTCreator to build the updater. You should use a static build of Qt so that the updater is a single file, see this guide to see how.
  4. Create a ReleaseNotes.xml on your server to update the description on the updater main window. See below.
  5. Create a GameManifest.xml on your server to tell the updater about the files you want. See below.
  6. Your updater is ready, feel free to rename it and distribute it.

ReleaseNotes.xml syntax

You can edit the file by hand.


	Text, text, text.</Notes>

GameManifest.xml syntax

You should probably use a tool for this. The syntax is very easy, but you will probably have a lot of files here. You can use my other tool, Unreal Manifest for this.

<FolderProperties FolderName=".">
		<FolderProperties FolderName="FolderA">
				<FileProperties FileName="FileA" Size="889416" md5="53406e9988306cbd4537677c5336aba4"/>
				<FileProperties FileName="FileB" Size="45014" md5="54498899854584bd4534584bd336a544"/>

Contact, people, etc

Unreal Updater is developped by Gwennaël ARBONA.