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Awesome Data Science with Ruby Awesome

Links and Resources for Data Processing and Analysis in Ruby

Data Science is a new "sexy" buzzword without specific meaning but often used to substitute Statistics, Scientific Computing, Text and Data Mining and Visualization, Machine Learning, Data Processing and Warehousing as well as Retrieval Algorithms of any kind.

This curated list comprises awesome tutorials, libraries, information sources about various Data Science applications using the Ruby programming language.

A lot of useful resources on this list come from the development by The Ruby Science Foundation, our contributors and our own day to day work on various data intensive applications. Read why this list is awesome.

Every contribution is welcome! Add links through pull requests or create an issue to start a discussion.

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Ruby vs. Python vs. Julia vs. R

Ruby Python Julia R
Daru Pandas
NArray NumPy

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Ruby is (for now) not a Data Science centric language with a very large established library. Leveraging libraries from R, Python, and Julia helps Ruby to solve your tasks!

Data Manipulation

  • kiba — lightweight Ruby ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) framework.
  • jongleur — Workflow manager using DAG definitions to execute ETL tasks.

Distributed Computing

Data Structures

  • daru — Data Frame and Vector structures with comprehensive manipulating and visualization methods.
  • numo-narray — n-dimensional Numerical Array for Ruby.
  • nmatrix — dense and sparse linear algebra library for Ruby via SciRuby.
  • kdtree — blazingly fast native 2d k-d tree.
  • mdarray — Array structure for JRuby.
  • spreadsheet — manipulation library for MS Excel spreadsheets.
  • networkx — Ruby based NetworkX clone that handles various usecases of the Graph Data Structure.
  • cumo — CUDA-aware numerical Array library with NArray similar interface.

Data sets

  • rdatasets — Data sets available in R via Rdatasets.
  • red-datasets — Growing collection of publicly available data sets such as CIFAR-10, Iris, MNIST etc.


  • rb-gsl — Ruby interface to the GNU Scientific Library. [dep: GLS]
  • simple_statsEnumerable patches for descriptive statistics.
  • enumerable-statistics — fast implementation of descriptive statistics for the Enumerable module.
  • statsample — basic and advanced statistics for Ruby. [dep: GLS]
  • statsample-glm — extension of statsample by Generalized Linear Models.
  • statsample-bivariate-extension — extension of statsample by Bivariate Correlations.
  • statsample-timeseries — extension of statsample by Time Series estimators.
  • pca — Principal Component Analysis (PCA) in Ruby.
  • descriptive-statistics — descriptive extensions for the Enumerable module or standalone usage.
  • distribution — probabilistic distributions and descriptive measures for them.
  • statistics2 — Normal, Chi-square, t- and F- probability distributions for Ruby.
  • fast_statistics — fast computation of descriptive statistics (min, max, mean, median, 1st and 3rd quartiles, population standard deviation) for a multivariate dataset.

Numeric and Symbolic Computation


Comprehensive tools for Data Visualization.

Interactive Computing

Input and Output

General formats

Database Adapters

  • pg
  • Mongo
  • MySQL

Domain specific formats

  • BibTeX
  • inih — fast C based INI parser for Ruby.
  • bolognese — conversion tool for citation formats like BibTeX, RIS, or Crossref XML.

Provisioning Infrastructure

Machine Learning

Please look at our extensive Awesome ML with Ruby list.

Articles, Posts, Talks, and Presentations


Related resources

Wait but why?

There are a lot of software lists with tools related to the Data Science. There are a couple of lists with Ruby related projects. There are no lists of only working and tested software with documented scope. We'll try to make one!

What is awesome? Awesome are documented, maintained and focused tools.

Can something turn not awesome at a point? Yes! Abandoned projects with broken dependencies aren't awesome any more! They leave this list.


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