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Windows Functionality Suite
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Windows Functionality Suite

The Windows Functionality Suite (previously known as the Win32 Declare Library) is a collection of Windows-specific functionality that is not readily available in a free format. It is an open source collaboration that brings to users all of the specialized Windows functionality that is not included with Xojo \ Real Studio itself.




If you want to contribute to WFS, please submit a pull request. We will accept just about all updates. Before you submit for a merge please increment the version number in and VERSION.


This code was originally written by Aaron Ballman for REALBasic (which is now Xojo). There have been other contributors over the years, if we can figure them out we will note them below.

As of v.3.0, global method names have been appended with "WFS".

Xojo \ Real Studio

  • Version 2013R3

Repository Locations

Contributors (in no order)

  • Aaron Ballman
  • Scott Boss
  • François Van Lerberghe
  • Seth Willits
  • Stephen Tallent
  • Brian Rathbone
  • Tomas Camin
  • Peter De Berdt
  • Douglas Anderson
  • Tom Dixon
  • Jon Johnson
  • Tom Russell
  • Richard Laframboise
  • Mario Buchichio
  • Scott Shriver
  • Anthony Cyphers
  • Mark Nutter
  • Joe Ranieri
  • Carlos Martinho
  • Alessandro Consorti
  • Kem Tekinay
  • Brandon Skrtich
  • Eugene Dakin