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This example demonstrates how avr_getcontext() and avr_setcontext()
could be used to emulate the GOTO operator.
When being uploaded to an Arduino board, this sketch produces the
following output via serial port every one second:
Hello from start()!
Please notice that:
1) There are no explicit loops.
2) Execution never reaches the end of the setup() function.
3) As the consequence of the previous point: loop() function never gets called.
Author: Artem Boldariev <>
This example code is in the public domain.
See UNLICENSE.txt in the examples directory for license details.
#include <avrcontext_arduino.h>
void setup(void)
avr_context_t ctx;
while (!Serial);
avr_getcontext(&ctx); // save the current execution context
Serial.println(F("Hello from start()!"));
avr_setcontext(&ctx); // go to the previously saved context
// unreachable
Serial.println(F("returning from start()..."));
void loop(void) // never gets called