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NOTE Until our documentation settles down, USAGE.md is a better source of up to date information

Editor Support

Arcadia exposes a continually-running networked REPL (not nREPL, yet). It can be used from several clients, including the terminal, Emacs, and Sublime Text.


From the terminal, cd to Assets/Arcadia/Editor and run $ ruby repl-client.rb.


At some point we'll probably write arcadia-mode.el, in the meantime support is via Inferior Lisp. The simplest way to get started is by evaluating the following forms in Emacs lisp:

(defcustom arcadia-repl-command "ruby repl-client.rb"
  "Command to use for the Arcadia REPL into Unity.")

(defun arcadia-repl ()
  "Start repl"
  (run-lisp arcadia-repl-command))

Then from Assets/Clojure/Editor run M-x arcadia-repl.


  1. Install vimproc (vimshell dependency)
  2. Install vimshell
  3. Open Vim
  4. Execute :VimShellInteractive ruby Assets/Arcadia/Editor/repl-client.rb from your project root

Now you have an interactive buffer running the Arcadia REPL. You should see something like this:

; Arcadia REPL
; Clojure 1.7.0-master-SNAPSHOT
; Unity 4.6.1f1 (d1db7a1b5196)
; Mono 2.6.5 (tarball)



Please see see https://github.com/arcadia-unity/repl-sublimetext.

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