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Twitter to SSB Import

Script to import tweets from Twitter to ssb, so that they will display in Patchwork.

  1. Request your Twitter archive. You will be emailed a ZIP file.

  2. Unzip, and find the archive of your tweets in data/js/tweets. There should be a bunch of files that look like 2018_02.js. Put the full path to the tweets directory in config.js

  3. Edit config.js:

    • screen_name: Your Twitter screen name -- the handle with "@" in front, but without the "@".
    • data_dir: The directory with your tweets. Defaults to a directory called 'data' in here.
    • retweets: Set true to include retweets, false to not include.
    • from: The earliest [year, month, day] you want to start importing tweets from.
    • to: The latest [year, month, day] you want to import tweets up to.
    • dry_run: Set true to only preview, and not add to ssb. Recommended for first run. Set false to actually import into ssb. You cannot delete tweets once added, so be sure to be certain before you actually add tweets.
  4. Run npm install.

  5. Start Patchwork in another window.

  6. Run npm start. You will be prompted to preview the tweets being added, and delete ones you do not want imported. Tweets will be chronologically sorted, and posted from earliest to latest.

Your tweets will be imported as ssb posts, with the words "From Twitter:" linked to the original tweet:

From Twitter: Wrote a script to import your past tweets to #scuttlebutt, so they'll appear in Patchwork! Just download the zip file of your tweets and follow instructions. More centralized-to-decentralized social integration.

Warning: This is a preliminary implementation, use at your own risk.


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