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Warning : This library is not updated anymore ! The reason for this is that voxel world management (generation and polygonization) requires workers and thread pools to achieve good performances. Since I don't want to put a dedicated thread pool into the library, I have decided that it was less painful (including for the final developers - you) to write the voxel management system in the application (rather than in a library).

You can find the current up-to-date implementation of the js.voxel functionalities in the Voxplode repository. It uses the SWAT framework to efficiently manage workers.


Precompiled library

You can use the up-to-date Voxel.js in the build folder (here).

Build it yourself

Warning : This is a web-only package : it is not meant to be used in a Node environment.

$> git clone git@github.com:arcanis/js.voxel
$> cd js.voxel
$> npm install
$> npm run-script build


new VOXEL.Engine( )

Returns a new engine instance.


[instance].set( x, y, z, value )

Set a single voxel value.


[instance].prepare( model )

Prepare a model to be used by the engine.

Returns a value called an handle, which identify the model in the engine.

You can find an example for loading models here.

[instance].apply( handle, ... )

Apply a model on the engine. The parameters depends on the model type.

[instance].release( handle )

Allows the engine to release resources used by the model.


[instance].commit( )

Process every stored operations. If you never call this method, there won't be any operation applied on the engine.

[instance].rollback( )

Cancel every uncommited operations.


You can see examples in the examples directory (here).


Implementation by Maël Nison.

See also