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M5StackSats Edition

Step 0: Login / Create account on

Step 1: WiFi Configuration

//WIFI Setup
char wifiSSID[] = "<your_wifi_ssid>";
char wifiPASS[] = "<your_wifi_pass>";

Step 2: API / Wallet Keys

//API Setup
String api_key = "<api_key_goes_here>"; // Can be found here:
String wallet_key = "<wi_XXXXX_key_goes_here>"; // Can be found here:

screencast 2019-12-28 18-45-58

Step 3: Payment / Invoice Details

//Payment Setup
String memo = "M5 "; //memo suffix, followed by a random number
String on_currency = "BTCUSD"; //currency can be changed here ie BTCUSD BTCGBP etc
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