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Lightning Network bitcoin faucet using lnurl
C C++
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lightning network faucet

Lightning Network bitcoin faucet using api

Parts (Project cost £8)

  • ST7735 1.8 TFT, ESP32 NodeMCU 32s




  • ESP32 connects to, and generates an invoice for the amount set
  • ESP32 connects to an LND instance and pays the invoice on (This project uses a local copy of Zap as an admin macaroon is required so funds should be limited!
  • ESP32 fetches the LNURL generated by

*note currently LNURL is only supported by "Bitcion Lightning Wallet" and "Bluewallet"

Installing arduino + libraries

Install the Arduino IDE,

Install the ESP32 hardware,

From "Manage Libraries" install,

  • Ucglib
  • ArduinoJson
  • qrcode (By Richard Moore)


ESP32 NodeMCU-32S GPIO map

Details on wiring can be found at the header of each ino file


Tip me

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