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Commits on Mar 18, 2010
  1. @dfighter1985
Commits on Nov 11, 2008
  1. Fixed ticket 12

    Morfeo authored
  2. Fixed Math Error.

    Morfeo authored
  3. both Quest2003 & Quest2005 were pointing to ShadowArcScript.cpp...but…

    Maven authored
    … there is no such this was causing compile errors. This should fix it for you outdated guys. :-)
Commits on Nov 9, 2008
  1. * Moar stuff lol

    Swiftsmoke authored
  2. * Added weddingnpc.cpp

    Swiftsmoke authored
  3. - May or may not fix the items missing from mail

    Swiftsmoke authored
  4. * You can now modify this starting value in the optional config file…

    Swiftsmoke authored
    …, so theres no need for this here anymore.
  5. * Hidden messages …

    Swiftsmoke authored
    …to only be shown as a debug
     * Minor update to config

    Swiftsmoke authored
     * Money Cap to stop roll over (Credits to Hopla for the idea)
     - EnableGoldCap
     - StartingGold
     - MaximumGold
  7. * Lua TeleportUnit

    Swiftsmoke authored
  8. * Trac ticket 6

    Swiftsmoke authored
    "Once you kill one of the sisters in sunwell - the server core dumps.
    May be related to the isAlive or emotes in the OnDied functions."
     - New function GetNearestBoss(entryid); this should fix the crashing due to it being ArcScriptBossAI rather than ArcScriptCreatureAI 
  9. * Fixed area triggers, this has been broken since rev 1361 and only …

    Swiftsmoke authored
    …just being noticed now wow.. lol
  10. * fixed arena's removing talents

    Swiftsmoke authored
  11. -

    Swiftsmoke authored
    Thanks to SleepCoder
  12. * compile fix and temp disabled the GetWorldState as theres no hellfi…

    Swiftsmoke authored
    …re pvp script been created yet so would make this impossible to get the tokens
Commits on Nov 8, 2008
  1. * 2 meta gem changes

    Swiftsmoke authored
  2. not my position but these scripts should actually be able to load w/o…

    Maven authored
    … errors for once :-)
Commits on Nov 7, 2008
  1. - Ignore me with this *facepalm*

    Swiftsmoke authored
  2. - Fixed minor typo in player leaving guild

    Swiftsmoke authored
     - removed *10 in the honor message to client as it shows as the wrong amount
     - Changed the Mark of Thrallmar/Honor Hold to require that the team hold all 3 towers
     - Added/Fixed the following commands
      * Rename Guild -- Requires server restart to take effect
      * Remove player from guild
      * Disbald guild
      * View guild members
     - RepopAtGraveyard for RepopMe Script
     - 10% Proc Chance for Memento of Tyrande (Trinket)
     - Item Set: Shadowcraft Armor & Darkmantle Armor Bonus 7% proc chance rather than 100%
  3. - I suck with FreeBSD so just disabled ShowStatus() due to thread: ht…

    Swiftsmoke authored
    Although the problem just appears to be a arcemu-shared problem this should allow it to compile.
  4. Core

    Swiftsmoke authored
     - Updated battleground join option to be 1minute 20 secs rather than 2mins (2.4.x change I believe)
     - If player has resurrection sickness (ID: 15007) they are worth no honor.
     - Added raid ready check
     - Added .server cancelshutdown to cancel a server shutdown/restart
     - Added a return; into logoncommhandler::Connect to prevent reconnecting to the logonserver if a shutdown is in progress and 2minutes are left
      -> Reason: During multiple restarts/shutdowns ive noticed connection is dropped and it can sometimes cause a crash if the shutdown is near the sametime as the next reconnect
     - Added SendPvPCaptureMessage in preparation for world events like the Halaa(Nagrand), Terrokar forest, hellfire etc
      -> I believe this is actually from Burlex so credits to him.
     - Added if(GM) don't report as speed hacking
     - Fixed PROC_ON_GAIN_EXPIERIENCE for killing a player
      -> Even if on map 559, 562 or 572 spirit tap etc. still procs
      -> Major Domo's Damage Shield & Magic Reflection spells hack fixed to be only cast on friendlies using EFF_TARGET_ALL_FRIENDLY_IN_AREA
    Molten Core
     - Rearranged all of the script and fixed a few crash issues still have a lot more to commit to this though..
Commits on Nov 6, 2008
  1. Minor Changes

    Swiftsmoke authored
     - .start command now ports the target as it should do rather than always yourself.
     - .save command removed the packet & added the option to be a target player
     - Minor typo fix in GetSkillLevel
     - Added a "Removed spell from player" msg to the unlearn command
     - Guild Create Command if players already in guild then dont create it
      -> If guild name already exists dont make it either
     - NPC Delete: Allowed deletion of npc's that doesnt have m_spawn value due to certain summon spells
     - Removed Error Report for demorph command
     - Pet AddSpell now works on other players pets
     - Added "Server restart in xx" for server restart command
  2. Fixed *Nix compile error, will fix that last warning later.

    Hasbro authored
    Just need to re-implement BGMinplayers
  3. Reverted all of Marcelo's Hashmap changes.

    Hasbro authored
    Compiles on Windows, if anyone gets any Linux errors please report asap
    Here's an explanation
    Marcelo implemented a Hashmap designed by Elliott C. Back 
    In which he believed were faster then the ones we previously used implemented by Burlex. This was not the case and they were causing crashes too.
    This should bring back some stability if I reverted them correctly, if not, we'll have to fix it then wont we? =D
    Again, regarding Wrath of the Lich King, we will release ours when Blizzard releases theirs, so technically, you could have it before you even get the official discs, if you checkout, then compile at 12:00 EST on release night.
    Anyways, cheers :)
Commits on Nov 4, 2008
  1. Molen Core

    Swiftsmoke authored
     - Ragnoras
      -> Added missing text
      -> Updated to use the moonscript base (ArcScript base).
      -> Few more things to do for the MajorDomo & Ragnaros Scene
      -> Added countdown timer of 42 seconds on spawn 
      -> Added missing spells including Magma Blast
      -> Alot more..
    It is currently untested as there's still more to commit to it,
    so once I've fully tested it I'll let everyone know that its OK to use.
    NOTE: Remember this is a trunk release meaning expect bugs :P
  2. ~ First Commit ~

    Swiftsmoke authored
    Molten Core (Raid)
     - Moved #include "Base.h" to the top of the file
     - CoreRager script redone
     - Golemagg Script redone
     - Sulfuron Script redone
     - Added Flamewalker Priest
     - Molten Giant Spell ID's fixed
     - Molten Destroyer Spell ID's fixed
    Magisters Terrace (Instance)
     - Fixed bug in Kagani_NightstrikeAI with spell KAGANI_NIGHTSTRIKE_KidneyShot
      -> (showed as a warning int to bool)
    Hellfire_Peninsula (Quests)
     - Fixed compile warning and possible crash
     - Set ArcScriptQuestScripts Project to compile with the rest
    Coming Next Commit
     - Molten Core Completely redone, added Ragnaros & Majordomo events
Commits on Nov 2, 2008
  1. Reverted this for now, should bring back some stability. If anyone no…

    Hasbro authored
    …tices anything else they think should be reverted it wont hurt to revert it.
    Neo_Mat fixed this on the dev svn, so no worries it'll be recommited soon :)
    Mini changelog from dev svn.
    *WorldPacketHandlers rewrite completed
    *Shaman totems area effect corrections 
    *Corrections on item handler
    *Opcodes corrections 
    *Fixed Quests problems now works perfectly
    *Fixed Mount/Dismount problems
    *Fixed Dismount problems when cast spell or attack
    *Fixed All Paladin Auras 
    *Added tons of gossips from Dalaran
    *Added basic support for Strand of the Ancients
    *Updated InnKeepers (over 50)
    *Calendar time corrected
    *Properly* added the 3 new fields to SMSG_ITEM_QUERY_SINGLE_RESPONSE
    *Added SQL queries for the item table. 
    *Fixed some client crashes that were spell related. There are more
    *Combat log seems to be working
    *Auras are visible for others 
    *Barbershop is working as intended! (Prices need updating)
    *Quests work work, need to allow them to be sent everywhere but a BG though.
    *Mana Regen sort of works
    *Spell casting works
    *Gameobject rotation almost is working..:)
    *Initial crashfix on ItemExtendedCost
    *Added support for SpellRuneCost?.dbc 
    That's fine I think :)
    Note: It's almost done and we will release it when we work out the kinks.
    So sit tight and enjoy this rev or an earlier one :)
Commits on Nov 1, 2008
  1. I know I'm not a Dev...but this has been irking at me forever.

    Maven authored
    !gmoff is no longer a command...same with !gmon. There is a space now
    Oh and don't worry, I know exactly what I touched
Commits on Oct 31, 2008
  1. unterminated block in arcemu-optional.conf

    Zum authored
    good job mib_nw9zhy :)
  2. more spellfixes & faction (totem will not hurt anybody on Area0x800:D)

    Cebernic authored
    OK..however,i'll going to working on SVN of3.0.x;p
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