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Some ArcScript fixes #133

merged 10 commits into from Aug 5, 2012


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Artox commented Feb 21, 2012

Implemented Script effect for spell 8856 which fixes quest 1846

sEAS.WaypointCreate() was numerating waypoints bad(1,3,5,etc) and also Creature::m_custom_waypoints was beeing filled that way(field 0 : NULL, field 1 : somewaypoint, field 2 : NULL, field 3 : somewaypoint, etc)
Correct way is 1,2,3,etc

Druid Quests "Great Bear Spirit" and "Body and Heart" should both be compleated by "iscompletedbyscripteffect" in db and by core, instead of adding a kill. Whydb fix already posted on their forums: http://whydb.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=4148

Artox added some commits Feb 21, 2012

Artox Implement Script Effect for Spell 8856 "Bending Shinbone"
The Scritp effect has a 17% chance to add Item 7134 "Sturdy Shinbone" to the players inventory. Otherwise it adds Item 7135 "Broken Shinbone"
This fixes Quest 1846 "Dragonmaw Shinbones"
Artox ArcScripts EasyFunctions: sEAS.WaypointCreate fix Waypoint numeration
When using sEAS.WaypointCreate() to add waypoints to a creature, they will be numerated pretty bad. First one will have id 1, second id 3, third 5 etc.
Now they are numerated in a line (1,2,3,...).
This will fix some existing scripts, e.g. in Desolace and ArathiHighlands, although these escort quests are commented out currently. Someone should review them!
Artox Script Warrior Quest 1713 The Summoning
Cyclonian is spawned on quest accept(unless already there)
Questgiver walks to place where Cyclonian is spawned
Artox Fix DruidQuest "Great Bear Spirit" for Horde and Alliance 2f65f06
Artox Fix DruidQuest "Body and Heart" for Horde and Alliance b2a1e43
Artox Fix compile errors in warrior quest that I added before 813714c
Artox CleanUp: Removed unused preprocessor macro 5c4d3c2
Artox ArcScripts: Cleaned up the Waypoint Functions in EasyFunctions.h.
* Removed if-checks that would never fail
* turned null-pointer-checks for the Creature parameter into asserts.
* Noone should ever call one of those functions on a creature that does not exist. Never!
* wrote small summary about whta the functions do
* CreateCustomWaypointMap() will no longer automatically enable the waypoints
* Adapted existing scripts to the change in CreateCustomWaypointMap() where necessary
Artox Export Arcemu::Util::ArcemuAssert() symbol so it can be used in scrip…
…ts too

Artox commented Jun 30, 2012

schnek: thanks for reporting. I finally fixed this issue!

@dfighter1985 dfighter1985 merged commit a5b2a8e into arcemu:master Aug 5, 2012

what happens if Creature ID 6239 is not in the database ?


Artox replied Aug 23, 2012

That is a very good question! I will look into it. Ideas so far are: check if sEAS.SpawnCreature() succeeded; put an assert into sEAS.SpawnCreature()

pretty sure it returns NULL in that case, so it's just a matter of checking "cyclonian" for NULL. Still, take a look at sEAS.SpawnCreature() to be sure it works this way.


jackpoz commented on 0969baf Aug 7, 2012

Checked the code for any memory leak/crash added, since I had a fight with custom waypoint maps back in the old Valgrind (memory profiler) times. This code changes how the custom map is enabled, requiring sEAS.EnableWaypoints() to be called, but other than that is looks fine.

@jackpoz jackpoz referenced this pull request Sep 1, 2012


Quest_Druid.cpp has faults #273

Artox commented Sep 12, 2012

thanks for referencing jackpoz so it pulls my eyes

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