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Chez SRFIs

This is a quiet holding place for the SRFI port that I did based on the Scheme Libraries project:

These were originally intended to simply provide a place for me to tweak and maintain my own copy of the SRFIs for use in Chez Scheme.

With the release of Chez Scheme as an Open Source project and additional implementations beginning to become more widespread, this repository has found some use for other people as well. As such, it now serves as a sort of clearing house for some patches that people have applied to my original efforts.

I no longer spend a great deal of time working on these libraries, but I welcome additional patches and changes as people would like to submit them, provided that they respect the following:

  1. They should work.
  2. They should not result in breakage for Chez Scheme, which is the primary intended target of this repository.
  3. They should strive for simplicity and avoid too many dirty hacks.

More information on the SRFIs can be found upstream or in the upstream README.