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More Readme fixes.

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@@ -80,12 +80,11 @@ From an erlang shell (``erl -boot start_sasl -pa ebin``)::
enet_arp_responder:publish(Arp, enet_eth_iface:default_mac(),
{ok, Eth} = enet_eth_iface:start("tap0", " up"),
- {ok, Dumper} = enet_if_dump:attach(Pid).
+ {ok, Dumper} = enet_if_dump:attach(Eth),
+ enet_arp_responder:attach(Arp, Eth).
You should now see decoded traffic in the erlang shell. If you ping
the IP address of the erlang interface ```` in the example,
you should see ping replies and an arp entry (``arp -na``)::
- ? ( at 4a:6e:1:1b:19:8f on tap0 ifscope [ethernet]
+ ? ( at 0:0:0:aa:bb:cc on tap0 ifscope [ethernet]
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