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README - OSERL Version 1.2                                   Apr 11, 2005


             Enrique Marcote Peña <>


1.    Install OSERL
2.    Developing SMS based applications


1. Install OSERL

Install common_lib package:

  tar -zxvf common_lib-1.0.tar.gz
  cd common_lib-1.0

Install oserl package:

  tar -zxvf oserl-1.1.tar.gz
  cd oserl-1.1

Put the ebin directory of both packages in your code path.

To compile an erlang program using oserl, don't forget to add a reference to
the include directory:

   -I <path-to-oserl>/include -pz <path-to-oserl>/ebin

2.  Developing SMS based applications

Please refer to doc/index.html for detailed information (also available at

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