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Wrapper script for to easily send dated notes to a google sheet
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Very simple wrapper script for to easily send dated notes to a google sheet. The idea is to have a quick and frictionless way of noting down "Things of note" into a spreadsheet for review and conversion into a blog post later.

Assumes a spreadsheet of the form:

date | note

Uses the options:

-d ':'
-q '"'


  • Follow instructions at to install
  • Allow tosheets to access your google sheet.
  • Copy bash-weeknotes.config.sample to bash-weeknotes.config and add your spreadsheet ID.
  • Ensure is executable


Configuration options are minimal, currently it assumes the date to be saved is of the form Y-%m-%d but this can be adjusted in the script, as can the -q and -d options (see above).

To run

See ./ for usage or:

./ "Text you want to add to google spreadsheet, can have commas and semi-colons in it but no colons"

Will return errors to stdin, or will echo done! if it completes successfully.

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