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require "rake"
require "rake/testtask"
require "rake/rdoctask"
require "jeweler" do |gemspec| = "e9s"
gemspec.summary = "Enrichments (e9s) for a pluggable CMS, internationalization (i18n) and localized pluralization"
gemspec.description = "E9s was created due to the need of simply implementing I18n within a Rails application. This simplifies internationalization of your Rails application making a Rails developers life much easier. E9s is divided into modules (as gem and plugin): Rich-CMS ( , Rich-i18n ( and Rich-pluralization (" = ""
gemspec.homepage = "" = "Paul Engel"
gemspec.add_dependency "rich_cms" , ">= 2.1.7"
gemspec.add_dependency "rich_i18n" , ">= 1.3.4"
gemspec.add_dependency "rich_pluralization", ">= 1.0.6"
rescue LoadError
puts "Jeweler (or a dependency) not available. Install it with: gem install jeweler"
desc "Default: run unit tests."
task :default => :test
desc "Test the e9s plugin." do |t|
t.libs << "lib"
t.libs << "test"
t.pattern = "test/**/*_test.rb"
t.verbose = true
desc "Generate documentation for the e9s plugin." do |rdoc|
rdoc.rdoc_dir = "rdoc"
rdoc.title = "E9s"
rdoc.options << "--line-numbers" << "--inline-source"
rdoc.rdoc_files.include "README"
rdoc.rdoc_files.include "MIT-LICENSE"
rdoc.rdoc_files.include "lib/**/*.rb"