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h1. JazzLibs
-A small gem for generating a Javascript library repository
+A small gem for rolling out JS libraries (includes repository, demo page and version release rake task)
h2. Introduction
+As I am a passionate Ruby and Javascript programmer, I have created and published several Javascript libraries (and Ruby gems) on Github:
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+* "TopUp": - A 100% unobtrusive Apple-styled Lightbox
+* "RaccoonTip": - A lightweight, unobtrusive balloon tip
+* "SeatHolder": - A modest placeholder library
+* "csonv.js": - A tiny library to fetch relational CSV data at client-side just like JSON
+* "oned.js": - Trigger callback functions when native HTML or jQuery elements get added to the DOM tree
+During this process, I have developed a routine repository structure. So to make my life a little bit easier, I have created @JazzLibs@ which generates a repository containing the routine files:
+* .gitignore file
+* changelog
+* demo page
+* readme
+* MIT license
+* version file
+* jQuery core library
+* the Javascript library
+* rakefile containg a rake task for releasing library versions
+I hope this will help you getting started developing new Javascript libraries as it does for me. Suggestions, questions and remarks are very welcome! ^^
h2. Installation
@@ -26,6 +44,25 @@ Run the following command to create a Javascript library repository:
*Note*: You will be asked a couple questions concerning the library (e.g. a small description, your Twitter name).
+h3. Releasing a new version
+The generated library repository contains a rake task with which you can release new versions with ease. Just run the following command in the console:
+ rake release[VERSION]
+*Note*: Replace @VERSION@ with the actual version number (e.g. @rake release[0.1.8]@)
+A directory will be created containing the new version within @/releases/VERSION@, it includes the following:
+* README.textile
+* jquery/core.js (only when applicable of course)
+* the uncompressed library source (e.g. @mix_table.js@)
+* the minified library source (e.g. @mix_table.min.js@)
+* the demo page
h2. Contact me
For support, remarks and requests please mail me at ""
@@ -36,6 +73,8 @@ The generated Javascript library structure is based on Eric Miraglia's ("@miragl
"": / "the-blog-post":
+The minification of the Javascript library is made possible by "Yahoo's YUI compressor":
h2. ToDo's
* Add "SASS": facilities like in "RaccoonTip":

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