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@@ -7,6 +7,15 @@ h2. Introduction
Rich-pluralization is a module of E9s ("": which provides localized pluralization in combination with i18n. Doing this enables you to only translate words in singular form as the module pluralizes the translation for you.
+For instance, in the Dutch locale you can do the following:
+ >> "Appendix".pl
+ => "Appendices"
+Dutch pluralization rules are provided along with Rich-pluralization and has a 86% test coverage out of 54977 words which are provided by "INL (Instituut voor Nederlandse Lexicologie)": Unfortunately we can't distribute the complete list of nouns due to the closed nature of the database.
h2. Installation
h3. Using Rich-pluralization as gem
@@ -146,6 +155,8 @@ nl:
For a complete example, please open "": which contains Dutch inflections.
+*Note*: The Dutch pluralization are tested on 54977 words provided by "INL (Instituut voor Nederlandse Lexicologie)": The test coverage is 86% (46366 words passed).
h2. Contact me
For support, remarks and requests please mail me at ""

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