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PostCSS plugin for creating speech bubbles with 1-2 lines of CSS
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postcss-speech-bubble creates speech bubbles in just a couple of lines of CSS.


npm install postcss-speech-bubble


postcss-speech-bubble offers three rules that can be used to build different kinds of speech bubbles.

bubble: borderSize borderRadius type color;

  • borderSize: border size in px
  • borderRadius: border radius on the speech bubble
  • type: solid or hollow Solid creates a speech bubble that uses the color provided here as background color. Hollow uses the color provided in this rule as the border color.
  • color: Background color of the bubble and the beaker if it is solid border color on bubble and beaker if it is hollow

bubble-beaker: beakerSize positionOfBeaker;

  • beakerSize: size of the speech beaker. Please provide this in px.
  • positionOfBeaker: Where the beaker should be for the speech bubble. Below are possiblePosition's options:
    • top-right
    • top-left
    • top-center
    • bottom-right
    • bottom-left
    • bottom-center
    • left-top
    • left-bottom
    • left-middle
    • right-top
    • right-bottom
    • right-middle

bubble-background: color; This is necessary if you need to provide a bubble with a border and a background color. You can define these bubbles by making them hollow and providing the border color and providing a background color through this property.

Important Note: Please provide width and height for these bubbles or let the content specify the width/height. The bubbles will not look right without proper width/height.


Solid bubble (No border)

solid bubble

.bubble {
  bubble-beaker: 12px top-right;
  bubble: 0 0 solid lightGrey;
  width: 140px;
  height: 80px;

Hollow bubble

hollow bubble

.bubble {
  bubble: 1px 10px hollow black;
  bubble-beaker: 10px left-middle;
  width: 150px;
  height: 100px;

Hollow bubble with a background

hollow bubble with background

.bubble {
  bubble-beaker: 12px right-middle;
  bubble: 3px 0 hollow black;
  bubble-background: #E44146;
  width: 100px;
  height: 120px;

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