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Command line tool for downloading torrents from RSS feeds.
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Command line tool for downloading torrents from RSS feeds.


pip install cistern


$ git clone
$ cd cistern
$ python install


Setting up Transmission

Before you run cistern you need to set up the connection to Transmission:

$ cistern setup

This will prompt you for the url, and port of your Transmission remote connection, as well as if it requires username and password.

Adding Feeds

Once you are done setting up the connection to Transmission, you will need to add your first feed:

$ cistern add-feed

This will take you through some steps to set up the feed. It will ask you to give it a name, give the url, and it will give the option to supply a custom download directory for this feed.

Optionally, you can supply these values with options:

$ cistern add-feed --name "Test RSS" --url "" --download-dir /absolute/path/to/directory

--name and --url are required to create the feed entry. If no --download-dir is supplied, torrents from that feed will be downloaded to Transmission's default download directory.

Running Cistern

At this point, you are ready to run cistern. Running cistern by itself will initiate a refresh of all feeds and add all previously undownloaded torrents to Transmission

Listing Feeds and Torrents

Cistern's list command can list all the feeds or torrents it has. It takes one argument of either feeds or torrents. You can use this command to get IDs for the enable-feed or disable-feed commands.

$ cistern list feeds
  ID  Name      URL                          Download Directory           Enabled
----  --------  ---------------------------  ---------------------------  ---------
   1  Test RSS  /absolute/path/to/directory  Yes

Enabling and Disabling Feeds

If you know the ID to your RSS feed, you can choose to enable it or disable it using the disable-feed or enable-feed commands.

$ cistern disable-feed 1
Test RSS disabled!

$ cistern enable-feed 1
Test RSS enabled!

Refreshing feeds

If you want to just read the feeds to refresh the cache of torrents, simply run this command

$ cistern refresh
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