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Metadata Binary Triage into ELK

About The Project

R2ELK leverages the Python bindings of radare2's API to extract metadata from ELF and PE files and The official YARA rule repo as a submodule for matching.

Data that is attempted to be extracted/identified is as follows:

  • File name
  • File format
  • MD5 hash
  • SHA1 hash
  • Architecture
  • Binary size
  • Programming language Used (identified by r2)
  • Compiler info
  • Compiled time
  • Stripped
  • Static
  • Signed
  • Strings
  • PDB file paths
  • Base address
  • Imports
  • Exports
  • Yara Rule matching



sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt

If using yara rules for sample tagging: git submodule update --recursive

Example Usage

Note: The examples below are for direct ingestion into Elasticsearch not Logstash". By default the index is "samples"

  • Get metadata about a single binary:
/ --file /bin/ls | python -m json.tool
  • Get metadata from a directory of binaries:
/ --directory /bin/ 
  • Get metadata from a directory of binaries and POST to Elastic server:
./ --file /bin/ls --rhost --rport 9200 --index testing
  • Run yara file against binary
./ -f /bin/ls --yara ./rules/malware/malware_samples.yar 

Indexing A Field Per-Function

If you're interested in having a single field per import/export opposed to a single field with a comma separated string of imports/exports, modify the run_triage function to call self.get_import_fields() and self.get_export_fields()


    def run_triage(self):
        Name: run_triage
        Purpose: Perform metadata triage of binaries.
        Paramters: N/A
        Return: JSON dump of metadata info.
        self.__r2_close__() # Close r2 pipe object.
        return json.dumps(self.metadata)


  • Do you have appropriate permission for reading files in specific directory?
  • Symlinks are not followed.

Known Issues

If you're having issues processing yara rules and encounter an error below, you're likely missing a 3rd party package (pe/cuckoo).

[!] Error: ./rules/././capabilities/capabilities.yar(450): can't open include file: $FILE_NAME_HERE