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Setting class-based config potentially confusing #21

arches opened this Issue Jun 26, 2012 · 3 comments

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arches commented Jun 26, 2012

Class based config is cool but I never want to use it because I'm afraid I'll forget I set it up and then I'll be presented with a picture of the world that I think is complete but actually isn't. Some possible ways to address this:

  • Show the config as the first line of output
  • Show a message as the first line of output like "Using CreditCard config. See tp.for CreditCard for more info."
  • Ability to recall config, eg tp.for User
  • Ability to temporarily suspend class-based config, eg tp.set :use_class_config, false
arches commented Aug 3, 2012

Added tp.config_for User in 02eaadf

arches commented Aug 13, 2013

Ah ha! Instead of returning the time it took to print, config'd output should return something explanatory


About the output part. How about making it more flexible an maybe give the TablePrint::Printer a Presenter. The Presenter would take a RowGroup and "present" it in whatever manner you choose. It would replace line 41 in file table_print.rb where it says

[group.header, group.horizontal_separator, group.format].join("\n")

@arches arches closed this in c06e796 Aug 18, 2013
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