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Arches 5.1.1 release notes

Major enhancements

  • Adds absence data searches in advanced search
  • Allows JSON-LD to import geojson FeatureCollections
  • Fixes the related resource info button
  • Fixes UI issues with the resource instance node config panel
  • Defers ES indexing after resource instance load
  • Adds EDTF formatting help in the ETDF widget
  • Fixes issues with values not loading properly in the concept widget
  • Adds a crosshair cursor to the map widget's drawing tools
  • Fixes the search export email file link
  • Configures notification emails to use project name instead of 'Arches'
  • Fixes false dirty state in number widget
  • Applies card constraint check to provisional tile data
  • Fixes image report header when images tiles are created in csv import
  • Fixes missing file records following json import of file-list datatype
  • Adds an API endpoint to receive resource instance data with labels rather than UUIDS

Additional highlights

  • Improve Celery running check, 4d7213463
  • Enforce 10 character limit to shapefile names, d151f80fc
  • Fix the related resource info button, 164ecec09
  • Add sample data loading, 3dd754763
  • Related Resources report now references instances of self resource model, 7ea7263ff
  • Allow JSON-LD to import geo-json featurecollections by serializing the JSON as a string, 1be6ab6c5
  • Fix hard coded image files, 8aa5836ad
  • Fix i18n errors in collector designer view, 62f2f0ce8
  • Revert default resource api return to json-ld, beb8880be
  • Defer index on package load, 4cb2f50df
  • Remove settings local error messages, 2c116e822
  • Hide the empty cards in the tabbed report, 0c1ae3a78
  • Show resource instance name in reports, e1a2f031b
  • Add config to disable string and number widgets, c99e96c3a
  • Fix indexing of related resources displayname bug, 27407a126
  • Fix resource instance config panel in the graph designer, 5241f4e17
  • Fix for the related resource ontology selector ui, fdf2d05f5
  • Remove small, unused button in the file widget, 86576b5ce
  • Fix create new resource model in editor, 8432ed4f2
  • Related resource map improvements, 17257412e
  • Don't show card summary if card does not yet have data, 2de5b334a
  • Add EDTF format panel, b71f356d7
  • Add better feedback during data indexing operations, seperate indexing of resources from custom indexes, e6c9b0e4f
  • Add a command paramter to hide status bar output during indexing operations, cba37203d
  • Fix issue with values not getting loaded in the concept dropdown, b2e8aaed7
  • Add crosshairs to the map widget draw tools, 5612c3435
  • Fixes to correct export email link, a2585b016
  • Files changed for app specific email config, 14dfaf13d
  • Fixes width of radio and checkbox widgets, d06db5ea8
  • Fix bug with nodes not getting mappings in es, de7013c3d
  • 6923 tile delete indexing, e76f58325
  • 6772 search for null, da1c8b5e6
  • Optimize LabelBasedGraph to minimize DB calls through caching, 9b84ef54d
  • Fixes false dirty state in number widget, 7f4f13598
  • Update checkbox radio widget width, 875e908b7
  • Prevents error when collection geometries during search export, e420ace2a
  • Alignment of null values, 266dbb550
  • Create file record if a tile has file id but no file record created, 8d7d823b9
  • Update display value for edtf in search result, faa741900

Dependency changes:

        SPARQLWrapper 1.8.4 > 1.8.5
        django-recaptcha 2.0.5 > 2.0.6
        pyshp 2.1.0 > 2.1.2

Upgrading Arches

  1. You must be upgraded to at least version 5.1.0 before proceeding.

  2. Upgrade to Arches 5.1.1

     pip install --upgrade arches
  3. Within your project with your Python 3 virtual environment activated:

     python migrate

Upgrading an Arches project

  • If you are not using Celery then you can improve Arches performance by changing the following setting to and empty string:

  • If you have to import a large number of resources and are confident your data does not need cardinality, unique value, or required value validation, you can add the following settings to your project's or file and change the value to True.

    • Cardinality tile validation confirms that a card with a cardinality of 1 has no more than 1 tile.

    • Unique constraint validation confirms that unique tile value constraints are enforced on load.

    • Required value tile validataion confirms that all required nodes have data on save of the tile.

    • Cardinality validataion was not enforced in version 5.1.0, so if you get a cardinality validataion error when loading data, you may need to set BYPASS_CARDINALITY_TILE_VALIDATION to True until you can identify the extra tile(s) or change the cardinality of your card to allow for multiple tiles.

  • If your users get email notifications from Arches, you can now define the sender's email address by adding the following setting to your or file:



  • To return JSON-LD from the resources api endpoint, you'll now need to use json-ld for the format parameter: /resources/[resourceid]?format=json-ld

  • A Celery worker is required to sync Collector projects. This has been a requirement since 5.1.0, but deserves mention for anyone planning on upgrading from 5.0 or earlier version.