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Archethic Foundation

Digital sovereignty at your fingertips

Welcome to Archethic Github!

Archethic is a Layer 1 blockchain protocol which aims to gives back to humanity control over technology, and to each individual, control over their identity.

Archethic has innovated multiple aspects of the blockchain design to achieve scale, security, sustainability, and simplicity without foregoing the core tenet of decentralization. All these innovations have been thoroughly researched and they are now being implemented right here!

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  1. archethic-node archethic-node Public

    Official Archethic Blockchain node, written in Elixir

    Elixir 65 24

  2. archethic-wallet archethic-wallet Public

    Archethic Wallet

    Dart 50 20

  3. libjs libjs Public

    Archethic Javascript SDK

    TypeScript 17 18

  4. bug-bounty bug-bounty Public

    Archethic Community Bug Bounty Program

    4 1

  5. archethic-docs archethic-docs Public

    Official documentation of the Archethic Network

    JavaScript 6 12

  6. aeip aeip Public

    Archethic Improvement Proposals

    7 5


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