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  • Simple Lightbox only officially supports the latest version of WordPress.
  • SLB requires the jQuery library officially included with WordPress. If any other version is loaded (manually or by other plugins/themes), SLB may not function properly. More information on jQuery support.

Server Environment

SLB shares the same recommended server requirements as WordPress itself.

Minimum Requirements

  • PHP: 5.4
  • MySQL: 5.0

cURL Support

WordPress may use cURL for some of the built-in functions that SLB uses. As such:

  • cURL must be enabled for PHP
  • cURL must be enabled for local requests

You may have to contact your web hosting provider to have cURL configured as above. Based on reports from others, you may have to contact your web hosting provider a few times for your issue to be looked into more fully.

Note: "Basic" HTTP authentication (e.g. requiring a username/password to access the entire site) can block the loading of files and prevent SLB from functioning properly.


Themes must uses the following template tags to be compatible with SLB. These tags are standard in any professional theme.

  • wp_head()
  • wp_footer()
  • the_content()
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