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Implementation of the Bullsfirst front-end using jQuery and Backbone.js
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Gruntfile.js Externalized REST URIs in config.json


This is an implementation of the Bullsfirst front-end using jQuery and Backbone.js. Note that Bullsfirst uses a REST Service hosted at During development we will use a Node.js based proxy-server to access this REST service.


  • Install Node
    • on OSX, install home brew and type brew install node
    • on Windows, use the installer available at
  • Open terminal
  • Type npm install -g grunt-cli
  • Install Ruby (required for Sass)
    • on OSX, Ruby comes pre-installed
    • on Windows, use the instructions here
  • Install Sass and Compass (on OSX you may need to sudo these commands)
    • gem install sass
    • gem install compass

Quick Start

Clone this repo and run the content locally:

$ npm install
$ grunt
  • npm install will install the required node libraries under node_modules.
  • grunt will run JSHint and compile the Sass to CSS.

Start the proxy-server by running npm start. Now start Bullsfirst by pointing your browser to http://localhost:8080.

Task Listing

  • grunt watch

    Keeps Grunt running and watches for file changes. As soon as a file is changed, Grunt rebuilds the project - ready for you to test!

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