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Better terminal output for failed cypress tests.
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Cypress terminal report

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Plugin for cypress that adds better terminal output when tests fail on the terminal for better debugging. Prints cy commands, console.warn, console.error and request response data captured with cy.route.

Note: If you want to display the logs when test succeed as well then check the options for the support install.

Note: Currently logs do not appear in the dashboard. If you want to see them go to your CI runner and check the pipeline logs there.



  1. Install npm package.
    npm i --save-dev cypress-terminal-report
  2. Register the output plugin in cypress/plugins/index.js
    module.exports = (on) => {
  3. Register the log collector support in cypress/support/index.js


Options for the plugin install: .installPlugin(on, options):

  • options.defaultTrimLength - integer; default: 200; max length of cy.log and console.warn/console.error.
  • options.commandTrimLength - integer; default: 600; max length of cy commands.
  • options.routeTrimLength - integer; default: 5000; max length of cy.route request data.

Options for the support install: .installSupport(options):

  • options.printLogs - string; default: 'onFail'; possible values: 'onFail', 'always' - When set to always logs will be printed for successful test as well as failing ones.
  • options.collectTypes - array; default: ['cons:log','cons:info', 'cons:warn', 'cons:error', 'cy:log', 'cy:xhr', 'cy:request', 'cy:route', 'cy:command'] What types of logs to collect and print. By default all types are enabled. The 'cy:command' is the general type that contain all types of commands that are not specially treated.
  • options.filterLog - undefined|([type, message, severity]) => boolean; default: undefined; Callback to filter logs manually. The type is from the same list as for the collectTypes option. Severity can be of ['', 'error', 'warning'].

Release notes


  • Fixed issue with cy.request accepting parameters in multiple formats and the plugin not recognizing this. merge-request by @andrew-blomquist-6
  • Improved browser console logs for Error and other objects. issue-1 issue-2
  • Added support for filtering logs. See collectTypes and filterLog options for the support install. from issue.
  • Removed option printConsoleInfo in favor of above. Also now the console.log and info are by default enabled.



  • Added tests and CI to repository.
  • Added support for showing logs even for successful tests. in issue by @zhex900
  • Fixed issue with incorrectly labeled failed commands. in issue by @zhex900
  • Fixed issue with logs from cy.route breaking tests on XHR API type of requests. merge-request by @zhex900
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