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@@ -51,9 +51,10 @@ Then just dive in - a typical usage
might be as follows:
0. Change the definition CS_API_KEY in CoreStackConstants to match your API key
-1. Create a CSSiteDescriptor via initWithName:andEndPoint:
+1. Create a CSSiteDescriptor via initWithName:andEndPoint:. One such name/end
+ point combination might be @"StackOverflow" and @""
2. Pass this descriptor to CSSite via initWithDescriptor
-3. Write a class conforming to CSObjectRequestDelegate
+3. Write a class conforming to CSObjectRequestDelegate (defined in CSSite.h)
4. Obtain request parameters for user 1200 with
[CSUser requestParamsForObjectWithIdentifier:1200]
5. Pass the parameters and your delegate to your site instance via
@@ -71,6 +72,11 @@ A more involved usage will create a CSAuth instance, and become its delegate
to receive notification of all the Stack Exchange sites. You can then use these
sites to built CSSite instances.
+You can see a "real life" usage example at
+ / h . It shows how, given
+a CSSite object, you can use it to request data, receive it, then serialise
+and deserialise it.
* The API should work with both garbage collection and manual memory management

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