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Update Agda (latest version 2.2.10) #45

magthe opened this Issue February 20, 2011 · 1 comment

2 participants

Magnus Therning Nicolas Pouillard
Magnus Therning
Failed to satisfy the following dependencies for Agda:
  QuickCheck >=2.3 && <2.5
  haskeline >= && <0.7
  haskell-src-exts >=1.9.6 && <1.10
  mtl ==2.0.*

This is a random bag of dependencies that we can't satisfy at the moment:

  • QuickCheck and mtl are in HP at earlier versions
  • haskell-src-exts is already in [haskell], but at a later version
  • haskeline is in [extra]
Nicolas Pouillard
np commented March 18, 2011

Agda has been updated.

Two minor changes were needed though (syb and haskell-src-exts)

Nicolas Pouillard np closed this March 18, 2011
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