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+title: Supervisor meeting
+This morning I headed up to UPC for another meeting with my academic supervisor. Updated him on the latest development which in short are:
+* major rewrite of the core functionality to improve fault-isolation and concurrency (and ended up with a lot cleaner codebase)
+* primitives for load-balancing and replication in place
+* performance measures indicate no measurable overhead with the latest developments - request handling is still primarily consumed by getting the top K items.
+* writing the system architecture in the report (still more to do here)
+We agreed that by the end of next week I will send a first draft for him to review my writing and structure of the thesis in more detail.
+The upcoming challenges that I'm currently aware of are (in no particular order):
+* testing using a multi-node setup (multiple JVMs)
+* generate model based on an experimental offline algorithm implemented by Linas
+* concretise the load-balancing and replication
+* write :)
+Work work!

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