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Welcome to Ivy RoundUp

Ivy RoundUp is an online Ivy repository meant to be shared by all Ivy users.

Click here to view the current repository contents.

Instead of hosting Ivy module definition files (ivy.xml files) and artifacts together on the same site, this site hosts only the module definition files plus additional meta-data (packager.xml files) that describes how to download and extract the module's artifacts on-demand at the point of use.

This type of repository is made possible by the Packager Resolver, an Ivy resolver added in Ivy 2.0 that supports downloading, extracting and repackaging artifacts on-demand.

The Packager Resolver allows for a clearer separation between two jobs which don't necessarily go together: maintaining Ivy meta-data, and hosting the actual artifacts. The focus of the Ivy RoundUp project is the first task.

In addition, it's easy to use the Ivy RoundUp repository's meta-data to build a normal repository containing artifacts.

Our goals are:

  • To maintain an Ivy repository that is:
    • Comprehensive: containing all of your favorite stuff
    • Up-to-date: rapid inclusion of newly released software
    • Refined: full use of Ivy's powerful configuration definitions and dependency mappings
    • Self-consistent: consistency in naming with respect to organizations, modules, configurations, and dependencies, according to documented standards and guidelines
  • To facilitate the easy creation of a normal Ivy repository based on the Ivy RoundUp meta-data
  • To grow an active community of maintainers (want to help?) each of whom is motivated by their own personal interest in, and daily use of, the modules they maintain
  • To become the premiere community Ivy repository on the Internet

Want to try it out? Install the latest version of Ivy and then configure your ivysettings.xml as described here.

Interested in learning more? Join us on the Ivy RoundUp mailing list! Or read how you can help and become a contributor.

You can also view the modules contained in Ivy RoundUp so far.


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