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An open source digitial inventory system designed for field and lab use by archelogists.

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  1. License

  2. Contact Info

  3. Dependencies

  4. License

This Application falls under the Standard GPL v2. See Licence included with this tar file. Credit for code is listed in the changelog, or in the respective files.

  1. Contact Info

Hate it? Love it? Let us know. Let us know if you think of any more features, bugs, etc.

  1. Dependencies

    • Webserver that supports
      • rewrites
      • php
    • MySQL
    • PHP 5.1+ with
      • PHP-GD
      • PHP-MySQL
    • Cron or method to schedule regular script runs
    • BASH shell for CLI scripts
    • Python 2.7
      • Matplotlib,Numpy
  2. Cronjobs

Automated Report generation and QRCode re-generation requires you to setup a cron job that checks for outstanding requests It's recommend to run this every 5 min. It will not launch a second copy if the process is already running.

Your two cron-jobs should look something like this

  */5 * * * * www-data php /var/www/bin/
  */5 * * * * www-data php /var/www/bin/
  1. QRCode Cache Directory

To help improve performance of the QRCodes, it's recommended to enable write access to ./lib/phpqrcode/cache for the webserver it will work without this access, but it makes things a little faster.

  1. 3d Model to PNG Programs

We use stl2pov nad megapov to convert 3d model files to a thumbnail for preview, this is not reqiured for Archie to work, it just makes things a little prettier.

  1. Setting up Archie with NGINX + PHP-FPM

If you want to use Archie with NGINX and PHP-FPM you'll need to make a minor adjustment to your NGINX configuration so that the rewrites are proccessed correctly. The following will work if Archie is in your web root, adjust accordingly if it's not.

        if (!-e $request_filename)
        rewrite ^(.+) /index.php last;


a light-weight database application designed to standardize and simplify data entry of archaeological or historical artifacts.



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