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Monitoring and CEP Application

This applications read audit messages from ZeroMQ and push them to Elasticsearch.

This app is written in Java 8 and relies on Maven and Apache Camel

The application connects to:

  • ZeroMQ to receive monitoring messages on ports 2200,2201,2202

  • Elasticsearch to push all the messages

The configuration can be changed in the application’s pom.xml and in it’s parent pom.xml.


  • Build all maven modules by running mvn install on the project’s root

  • Create the monitoring index in Elasticsearch curl -XPUT 'http://localhost:9200/monitoring/'

Start the app

  • Elasticsearch must be up and running

  • You must have installed "monitoring-flux-shared" once in your local repository

  • In the application’s directory run mvn hawtio:camel or mvn camel:run if you don’t want the console


Code © 2015 released under the MIT license