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;;;; spider.lisp
;;;; This file is part of the restas-planet library, released under Lisp-LGPL.
;;;; See file COPYING for details.
;;;; Author: Moskvitin Andrey <>
(in-package #:restas.planet)
(defclass spider ()
((feeds :initarg :feeds :initform nil)
(feeds-authors :initform nil :reader spider-feeds-authors)
(cache-dir :initarg :cache-dir :initform nil)
(syndicate-feed :initform nil :reader spider-syndicate-feed)
(scheduler :initform nil)))
(defun spider-feeds-traits (spider)
(let ((slot-feeds (slot-value spider 'feeds)))
(typecase slot-feeds
(cons slot-feeds)
(pathname (load-feeds-traits-from-file slot-feeds))
(otherwise (error "Bad type of spider feeds: ~A" (type-of slot-feeds))))))
(defparameter *spider-readtable* (with-standard-io-syntax (copy-readtable)))
(let ((*readtable* *spider-readtable*))
(defun calc-sha1-sum (val)
"Calc sha1 sum of the val (string)"
(ironclad:digest-sequence :sha1
(babel:string-to-octets val :encoding :utf-8))))
(defun spider-load-all-feeds (spider)
(let ((authors nil)
(items nil)
(cache-dir (slot-value spider 'cache-dir)))
(iter (for traits in (spider-feeds-traits spider))
(let ((cache (if cache-dir
(merge-pathnames (calc-sha1-sum (format nil
(slot-value traits 'url)
(slot-value traits 'category)))
(res (parse-feed (slot-value traits 'url)
(slot-value traits 'category))))
(when cache
(if res
(with-open-file (out cache :direction :output :if-exists :supersede :if-does-not-exist :create)
(write res :stream out)))
(with-open-file (in cache :element-type 'extended-char)
(let ((*readtable* *spider-readtable*))
(setf res
(read in))))))))
(when res
(push (car res)
(setf items
(concatenate 'list
(cdr res))))))
(setf (slot-value spider 'feeds-authors)
(sort authors
:key #'author-name))
(setf (slot-value spider 'syndicate-feed)
(iter (for item in (sort items #'> :key #'entry-published-universal))
(for i from 0 below 50)
(collect item)))
(defun spider-stop-scheduler (spider)
"Stop spider scheduler"
(with-slots (scheduler) spider
(when scheduler
(sb-ext:unschedule-timer scheduler)
(setf scheduler nil))))
(defun spider-reset-scheduler (spider &key second minute hour day-of-month month year day-of-week)
"Reset spider scheduler"
(spider-stop-scheduler spider)
(with-slots (scheduler) spider
(setf scheduler
(clon:schedule-function #'(lambda () (spider-load-all-feeds spider))
(clon:make-scheduler (clon:make-typed-cron-schedule :second second
:minute minute
:hour hour
:day-of-month day-of-month
:month month
:year year
:day-of-week day-of-week)
:allow-now-p t)
:thread t))))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((spider spider) &key (schedule '(:hour *)) &allow-other-keys)
(when schedule
(apply #'spider-reset-scheduler