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;;;; special.lisp
;;;; This file is part of the RESTAS library, released under Lisp-LGPL.
;;;; See file COPYING for details.
;;;; Author: Moskvitin Andrey <>
(in-package :restas)
(defparameter *default-host-redirect* nil)
(defparameter *acceptors* nil)
(defvar *route* nil)
(defvar *submodule* nil)
(defvar *bindings*)
(defvar *memotable* nil)
(defvar *catch-errors-p* t)
(defvar *standard-special-page-p*)
(defparameter *max-debugging-threads* 5
"Maximum number of simultaneous active calls invoke-debuger")
(defvar *debugging-threads* nil
"List debugged threads")
(defvar *debugging-threads-lock* (bt:make-lock "debugging threads lock")
"A global lock to prevent two threads from modifying *debugging-threads* at
the same time")
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