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Architect Logo

GitHub CI status npm version Apache-2.0 License

Build ultra scalable database backed web apps on AWS serverless infrastructure with full local, offline workflows, and more. Full documentation found at:



Make sure you have at least node version 14 installed.

Open your terminal to install arc globally:

npm i -g @architect/architect

Check the version:

arc version

Protip: run arc with no arguments to get help

Work locally

Create a new app:

mkdir testapp
cd testapp
arc init

Kick up the local dev server:

arc sandbox

Cmd / Ctrl + c exits the sandbox

Deploy to AWS

Deploy the staging stack:

arc deploy

Protip: create additional staging stacks with --name

Ship to a production stack:

arc deploy production

Add Architect syntax to your text editor

VS Code

Sublime Text


Learn more

Head to to learn more!

Founding team

Amber Costley, Angelina Fabbro, Brian LeRoux, Jen Fong-Adwent, Kristofer Joseph, Kris Borchers, Ryan Block, Spencer Kelley

Special thanks

Pinyao Guo for the Architect GitHub name