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Get Started with CEA

This guide should get you started with the City Energy Analyst (CEA) |version|.

Install and set up

CEA can be installed in Windows, Ubuntu and on the computer cluster of the ETH Zurich Euler. The latter is only available for students and faculty of the ETH Zurich.




Download a test case study

Just go to this link.and unzip the case study where necessary.

You can also use the command cea extract-reference-case --destination C:\Your\Favorite\Folder. After completion, that folder will contain a subfolder cea-reference-case which contains the baseline scenario of the test case study.

Begin with a tutorial

Check the tutorial :doc:`cea-workflow-guide` showing a step-by-step guide on how to use the full stack of tools in CEA. For a complete list of tutorial check out the section :doc:`tutorials`.

Cite us

Jimeno A. Fonseca, Daren Thomas, Shanshan Hsieh, Martin Mosteiro, Bhargava Krishna Sreepathi, Fazel Khayatian, Kian Wee Chen, Gabriel Happle, Zhongming Shi, Amr Elesawy, and Arno Schlueter. (2017, December 11). The City Energy Analyst 2.6 (Version v2.6). Zenodo.