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Repo for SRE candidates
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Repo for SRE candidates


Dear candidate, the following assignment is used by Architrave to understand your way of thinking and technical skills. In order for us to get the best impression of your capabilities we would ask you to write your own code and not reuse existing code. If however you implement a code from the internet or code that have been written by you for a different task, please note that when committing the code.

The next step after receiving the assignment will be reviewing the code and the reasons you have decided to implement it the way you did.

General Guidlines:


  1. Fork the repository, clone to your local machine and create a new branch from master
  2. Use separate commits in the way you'll commit when doing reall life tasks
  3. When done open a PR and ask a review from "klemmster" or "archray"
  4. Send a link to the PR via the recruitment portal

Important commit notes

  • Consider the change size of each commit
  • Commit comments should be short but descriptive
  • Do not rewrite commits, if you committed a mistake, write a new commit to fix the mistake.

Code use

  • Where it make sense, use variables and environment variables
  • We would put high emphasis on clean and organised code
  • Add Documentation in the code where applicable and focus on the why and what rather than the how.


  • Assignment tasks can be fount at file
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